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My Portfolio

This represents a comprehensive assemblage of diverse work samples that I have meticulously curated and compiled over an extended period of time, showcasing the full spectrum of my professional endeavors.

Real Estate theme

combination of stories, reels & promo samples for Real Estate use


Slides, Presentations, Animated Styles, Infographics & Themes

Motion Design

Logos, Intros, Openers, Titles, Transitions, Themes, Infographics, Timelines, Insta, Mockups

Video Editing

My Fan Edit of A Man Called Otto

As an avid admirer of this Drama-Comedy film, I have a deep appreciation for its storytelling and execution. However, like many viewers, I have noticed certain scenes that could be considered extraneous and detract from the overall impact of the movie. Additionally, I believe that some musical choices in pivotal moments may not have been the best fit for the story.

With that said, I am inspired to create my own version of the film to showcase my editing skills and potentially contribute to its longevity as a beloved piece of cinema. My ultimate goal is to share my vision and passion for this film.

I approach it with the utmost respect for the filmmakers and their creative process. My intention is to simply share my perspective and present an alternative version that I believe could enhance the viewer’s experience.

Thank you and I hope that you will appreciate my efforts to contribute to the world of film editing.

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